U R B A N J U N G L E S November 02 2014



Urban Jungles are trending!

By the end of this week, if you’re not crazy planter obsessed then you never will be. Our post at the end of last week got us inspired by all things plants!

Fresh flowers are always amazing, fake flowers practical as can be, but planters … .let’s be honest – they are in a league of their own.

They liven up a room giving it that earthy feel without being too feminine. Plus who doesn't associate greenery with summer right around the corner!

Rather than a statement vase, ornament, frame or other non plant accessory -jump on the urban jungle bandwagon and incorporate a planer in that empty space!

If you’re feeling like a wee bit of a sheep for jumping on this bandwagon with us and want to maintain your originality! – do not fear! – There are many ways you can participle in this craze whilst keeping your originality. There are so many ways to incorporate planters and have your own DIY fun.


Get creative fellow Design Depoters !

TDD Team

x x