Lacking inspiration in your home office? Finding work unproductive? (At the risk of distracting you with all things beautiful) – let us help you revamp that space !

Let’s transform that paper work, coffee mug, power cord mayhem into a happy productive haven to work! If you’re surrounded by things that make you happy, surely just surely it will make working just that little bit better – well we seem to think so.

Essential Revamping Check List:

-Planters (get your urban jungle on)

-Framed Art (or even better inspirational quotes!)

-quirky vases (to double as pen holders)

-Quirky ornaments – (to double as paper weights)


Handy Tip: Try incorporating and mixing a few different textures and styles. –Whether this is incorporating timber accessories or metallic vases, make your work space fun to boost that inspiration and motivation to an all-time high!